Low Dose Naltrexone and Baclofen

If you still believe that a doctor is going to help you, and won't take your health into your own hands, pass over this NOW.

This is some serious help for somebody that is willing to help themselves.

This summer (2011) I tried LDN (low dose naltrexone). Regular doses(50mg) block the endorphin rush that a heroin user or alcoholic user would get, helping them quit. LOW dose (.5 to 4.5mg) temporarily blocks endorphins resulting in an influx of endorphins (i.e. you feel normal again).

Then in September, after an entire year of not drinking ANY, I started to drink diet soda again (aspartame, sucralose, etc.). Slowly a fog crept over me. What the heck!! I was back to what I used to feel like: sad, scared, hormonal, depressed, anxious, lifeless, manic, panicky, etc. So finally (I'm super slow), FINALLY I put two and two together: in the first few days of October, I realized that the last thing I did different was to start drinking diet soda again. The DAY I stopped, well the next day I mean, I started to feel better. By the second day, I was almost completely back to how good I was feeling on LDN.

So if you try it and it doesn't work, you need to mess with it a little. And if you are a weenie and you give up... well then you don't deserve to feel better. And like I said, this post is for people who can and want to help themselves.

Another thing that is helping, is a drug called baclofen. It's a non-addictive muscle relaxer that works on you GABA receptors. I feel calmer, less OCD and eaty when I use it. Both of these drugs I got from "River Pharmacy" in Canada. There is a real person that picks up the phone and they are really nice.

A few years ago, I took a neurotransmitter test (urine). The results were that everything was good. Serotonin, dopamine, epinepherine... all good except GABA, an antianxiety neurotransmitter, was pretty low. I took over-the-counter GABA that worked ok, until I messed up. I have OCD and PMDD, so I'm sort of always in a stressed panic. I took more than I should have and it stopped my "girl time" and not in a good way!! Because I didn't feel good - I felt really bad and scared. No doc would ever believe me, but if you look up GABA and how it works (in DEPTH, not just a fluff piece), you will see how GABA works with female hormones, mainly progesterone. Also, yes, I know that lots of things can alter your girl time, but mine NEVER changes, I can count on it just as much as I can count on feeling horrible for three weeks out of the month :)

So, if anybody is interested, I can tell you lots more.

Well I'm off to bed, and while I'm there, I'm going to THANK GOD for helping me find all this stuff to help me. It's been a long struggle, but in a way, feeling badly for so long REALLY gives me the appreciation of contentment and normalcy. Life is good now. If you need help, get in touch, I WILL answer back. Please know that there is help out there for you. We are broken, but there's glue for us!


Thanks for sharing your story & what has helped you. I completely agree that you have to help yourself. Doctors can definitely be helpful, but you can’t just put ALL of your care in their hands. You must be aware of how you are feeling, when it changes, and what makes you feel better or worse. And then you need to encourage or maintain whatever is making you feel better, and discourage or decrease whatever makes you feel worse.


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Oct 30, 2011

thank you Kristen, for your comment and for posting this, i realize im...just a little aggresive sounding,LOL. im just very passionate about what i have found that has helped me.neurotransmitter testing is the best test that i have spent money on and i would suggest it for everyone that is suffering.ttyslater:)

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