Herbal Remedies
for PMS & PMDD Treatment

Using herbal remedies for PMS or PMDD treatment can be a good choice for many women. Many herbs are regarded as safe and effective in treating different symptoms. In some instances they are just as effective as prescription or over the counter medication. There are many women who prefer not to use pharmaceutical drugs and want a more natural PMS treatment.

There have been few studies done on herbs and their effectiveness on PMDD. However, studies do show that some herbs are helpful for premenstrual symptoms, so these same herbs should be helpful for PMDD symptoms.

Many herbal remedies for PMS are not supported by scientific evidence, even though they've been used for years to treat PMS. Just because there isn’t scientific evidence doesn’t mean they don’t work. It just means our modern day scientists haven’t studied them yet.

Herbs thought to help with premenstrual symptoms:

Safety Precautions
Botanical remedies have been used successfully for thousands of years. Some prescription medicine has even originated from plants. While herbal remedies are safe to use for the most part, mixing herbs with other herbs or medications can cause adverse reactions or intensify side effects.

You should always consult your doctor before taking herbal remedies if you are currently taking any kind of medication, whether it’s prescription or over the counter. Some doctors may not be familiar with herbs, but you should still include them in your decisions. Also, just because something comes from a plant doesn’t mean it’s safe. Always use precautions.

What to Buy
In the United States, herbal supplements are not regulated and there are no standards for quality or quantity of active ingredients. Therefore, if you don’t buy from a reputable source, you may not get what you think you’re getting.

Europe has standard formulations for herbal supplements and you can be confident you're getting a high quality herb. Germany is one country that has studied herbs extensively and doctors often prescribe herbs instead of prescription medication.

When you purchase botanicals, and they aren’t from Europe, you need to look for the statement that it is “standardized extract” or “meets German standards.” Those phrases won’t guarantee you’ll get a top-notch product, but it may help.

Take extra precaution when purchasing herbs with Asian origins. They could contain lead or other heavy metals. In 1998, the California Department of Health tested 260 Asian products and found that 32% of them contained heavy metals or undeclared chemical ingredients.

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Cultivating Herbal Friendships

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